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Welcome To Mr. Mipīs Chess Palace

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 Please,feel free to roam around and visit my following Galleries :                                                                      

Wking.gif (1236 bytes) Kings Gallery   featuring : " Are You Pignorant ?" - test. This is more or less a permanent feature as long as there are pignorant people around .
Wqueen.gif (1241 bytes) Queens Gallery featuring : " My Problems - for all to see " . Again more or less permanently.
Wbish.gif (1201 bytes) Bishops Gallery featuring : " Itīs a joke , itīs a joke " . For your entertainment we are going to renovate this gallery from time to time.
Wknight.gif (1371 bytes) Knights Gallery presents : " Play It Again Sam ". This gallery is reserved for our distinguished quests to show their best artworks of Chess and will be renovated regularly .
Wrook.gif (1214 bytes) Rookies Room is under construction presently . Will later contain some educational and possibly or hopefully entertaining chess material.
Wpawn.gif (1155 bytes) New Wing is a new add-on to the palace It contains the secretive 'Mipso Facto' Puzzle Engine and offers various test sets for your solving ability. Visit often.




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