This is a test page for interactive chess script by mrmip for solving one or two move chess puzzles. The script uses an embedded iframe- element that actually hosts the script. You could embed the same script on your own page with minimal work. See the source code of the page (rightclick the page outside the frame and select "view source"). And while you are on it change the background color. The iframe is transparent and borderless mimicing the new background seamlessly. Also you could set frameborder to 1 to see the size of the iframe.

How then to set your own puzzle(s) for display? There are actually three ways. To 'hardwire' the puzzle epds on to applet you need to rightclick inside the applet (but not on the board) and view the source. You will quickly notice the "User Paste Area" there. Now you just insert your own fen-string in place of a ? or existing epd inside quotes. Then save the file, refresh the browser and you are done. The hardwired way preserves the epds between runs of the applet. Even easier way is to use clipboard - if you have Internet Explorer 5+. Just copy your fen (or several on separate rows) on clipboard before starting the applet and the applet will pick them up for solving. Finally, if there are no 'hardwired' fens and none on the clipboard, the applet will prompt you for one. Paste a valid fen on textfield provided and press 'Go'-button. I have 'hardwired' 8 famous twomovers here. There is also a newer script with slightly different features here