This is second test page for interactive chess script by mrmip for solving one or two move chess puzzles. The new version of the script has different (and imho more elegant) "look and feel". Functional changes to previous script include:
* Easy selection of a puzzle by just clicking the number.
* Possibility to try other other 'manual' defences than those automatically generated in variations.
* No ELO-calculations performed, just short statistics after each solution.
* The 'GiveUp'- button will allow to see the solution only after at least one try is made and 15 minutes elapsed.

The sample applet contains 8 twomovers by the Puzzle king Sam Loyd. However the famous 'Organ Pipes' is not included.Have fun.
Ps. To compare this with the older script (..And to have your Elo -rating :-)) see also Old testpage .