You know - I have this peculiar hobby.

 I collect and cherish One-move chess problems, especially Mate-in-one puzzles. As I wanted to share the results of this hobby of mine with you all, I began to think how this would be best accomplished. After having a lengthy - and sometimes loud - discussion with myself, we came in the conclusion that the best way to do so was to present them as a timed quiz and giving the client -you- an estimate of his/her ELO -number based on the result.

However, I did not found any ready-made program available for this purpose and I do not regard myself as a programmer. Still I resorted to an age old method to acquire enough capabilities to do the job. Namely buying a lot of thick, heavy and expensive books on programming and letting their content permeate my brains by being in the same room with them. I have found this same method works wonders with chess books as well :)

Now this has evolved to a point, where I am comfortable to release the QuizzoFacto(R) puzzle engine that presents a set of eight (8) puzzles to the user and evaluates the results. You'll find the end results in the table below.

 Midnight oil from Mipsonian Institute: Our computer scientists have dutifully worked day and night to produce the new puzzle engine Quizzo Facto v.2.0. This impossibly intelligent machine can solve ...Ta-Daam...even mate-in-two puzzles and present the findings to an unsuspecting  solver in the form of a quiz. It has been fully tested on rats and other furry animals. You -furry or not - will find the end products as simple or regular twomovers in the table. Enjoy.

  One-movers  Simple Twomovers Regular Twomovers Others
Warmups Micros Easies Retract 1
Test Minis 1 Sweeties Retract 2
Trickies Minis 2 Schoolmates New Testpage 1
Whackies Minis 3
New Testpage 2
Minis 4 Tests 2

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